Welcome to Mèches à Gogo the world of any kind of human virgin hair ! Being very much concerned about the well-being and the beauty of women and girls from all backgrounds, we offer a high range of Indian natural virgin hair, Brazilian and Peruvian virgin hair. Our hair is top quality and classified from grade 5A to 7A. The classification of human hair is from grade 1A to 7A that determines the quality of the hair texture. 1A being the lowest quality and 7A the top quality. Our hair is original and not chemically treated as ordered directly with approved and certified suppliers.

As many of our customers, you have probably been disappointed by the poor quality of the hair you purchased in the past because your hair was probably chemically treated, or even mixed with synthetic hair! Please avoid to be ripped off and request high quality hair for the price you pay! At MAG Mèches à gogo, our first mission is to assist you and to satisfy you with quality hair.

Our hair comes from women in excellent health, they are carefully cut in the same direction, hence the name Remy while keeping intact the cuticle. Allowing strands to keep their texture and good quality for a long time. Our hair is tangle free, does not harden, remains silky, soft and naturally blend with your hair. We satisfy a wide range of international customers as we ship all over the world in a very short delivery times. We guarantee the quality of our hair and total satisfaction because we are totally in cahoots with you!


MAG one day, MAG forever!